Sentry CMS vs Go CMS

I am currently trying to decide between Sentry CMS or Go CMS; of the two, which would be the better long-term CMS solution.

I’m getting ready to start building a huge project for my daughters school (600+ pages) using either Nick Cates Royale theme or Foundry. 100% of the site will be made with Stacks.

Would like to get as much feedback as possible to help make up my mind.

I don’t have GoCMS but do have Sentry.

To my mind, Sentry is best used on sites with a smallish CMS requirement OR where there are lots of text boxes that need editing, with some basic formatting and the occasional simple picture. It’s by no means a full blown CMS.

Go looks as though it can handle much more - photo slideshows, galleries, video and Soundcloud embeds etc.
I’m not saying you can’t do some of that with Sentry with a bit of tinkering, but it’s not really designed for that IMHO.

If I were you I’d also look at EasyCMS from Joe Workman. It doesn’t have the blogging features of TotalCMS but it’s a one off cost and - thanks to macros and great support from other stack developers like Instacks and Nick Cates - is surprisingly powerful.

Hope this helps - I’m sure others will pitch in.


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