Sentry oder easy cms?

good day, friends of the arcane science of web design,
a client is pestering me about cms on his site. i know fully well that he will not be able to do anything with it but “your wish is my command” :rage:
i sort of narrowed my choice down to “sentry” and “easy cms” by joe workman. the customer just opened a real estate business and basically would have to change the pictures and text of new houses he gets to peddle. could i - for instance - work with “impact” if i want to have a slideshow on the page and could he change the picture in said slideshow?
i’d be grateful for any insight you could give me,

Easy CMS and Impact can integrate just fine. As long as you have Total CMS installed, you can use the CMS Image Slide integration with Impact. It will work just fine with Easy CMS.