SETAPP email wtf?


Presumably this is the precursor to a subscription based model for our favorite Mac based web design software?

Personally, I won’t be lured to ANY subscription plan. If that’s what RealMac Software has on their mind, I’m not going to be their customer anymore…

This is simply an alternate way for users to obtain RapidWeaver. RapidWeaver will still be available to purchase directly from Realmac.

This is an interesting business model. Its for some people, not for others.

It is the “Netflix of Mac Apps” apparently.

Realmac isn’t leading the charge.

More ways to love RapidWeaver. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with that.

I :heart: RW

Plus, SetApp has been getting a lot of good press, which is good for the RW Community, and RMS, and RapidWeaver, … (and me)

I think the SaaS thing helps some new folks wade in a bit at a time, rather than diving with a big up-front investment. Horses for courses, you know.

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