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Hi all,
hoping for G-Sheet experts here. Trying to put anchors within a G-Sheet page so I can link to these anchors when coming (back) from another site. I can pull in an anchor via the G-Sheet (see screenshots)
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but when putting in the address with the anchor nothing happens. Page just loads on top, doesn’t jump to the anchor. Tried id = and name= - to no avail.
Thanks for anyone looking into this (got a response from Skyler/Weavium but it was not enough/not working).

Website is

anchors are #Paul or #Lacy


I don’t know anything about g-sheets, but looking at the code something is converting the HTML tags into displayable characters
<p id=“Lacy”></p>
&lt;p id="Lacy"&gt;&lt;/p&gt;
<p id="Lacy"></p>
You also have an extra quote on not only the one marked lacy but on every entry?

BTW name hasn’t worked on Chromium browsers for years and has been deprecated from the HTML5 specs.

The ID on the p would work if it wasn’t being converted to displayable characters.

Thanks Doug,
for pointing me in the right direction. Removed the extra quote and while inspecting the code I discovered that - due to the structure of G-Sheet - all the anchors are placed within the same div. So the div seems to override the specific anchor.
Have to search/experiment more to find a solution for that.

If I understand what you are saying, it’s not making sense.

Let’s stop using the word anchor, as anchor refers to the HTML anchor <a> tag.

I think what you are referring to a point on a page to scroll to, right?

That can be any HTML element that has a unique id attribute. In the example, you gave the anchor <a HTML attribute would not work because first on, you used the name="Paul" attribute instead of an id="paul" attribute.

In the second example, you added a paragraph <p id="Lacy"></p>( I’d make my ID’s all lower case). That would work if g-Sheet or google put that out to the HTML on the site.

That isn’t a problem. Almost every paragraph(<p>) or anchor (<a>) on the internet are inclosed within at least one div or another HTML element.

The problem is something is translating the Less-than or bracket< and the greater than > symbols to there HTML names so it can display them instead of using them as an element tag.

If you look at the HTML it self you will see this from your page:

When you look at the page you view the page (see screenshot above) you will see the <p id="Lacy">, and if you just view the inspector you will see:

Looks okay, but right-click the element and choose and Edit HTML and you will see the HTML entity names and not the characters.

Thanks Doug,

wasn’t aware of that. So more digging into how to implement code correctly within G-Sheet stacks…

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