Setting future date in Mamp to check timed display

I use MAMP. I’ve started using Expiry to do timed displays of specific stacks. Is there a way to set date/time in MAMP to run with a future date so testing/proofing can be done with timed stacks? I see where to set the time zone in Mamp for the php version I’m running but can that be over-ridden to set specific date/time at startup?

MAMP will get you date and time from the server in this case your Mac.
The quick way is to change your Mac date and time for your test:
Open system pref select date and time:

Then unlock with login with Admin uncheck the automatic and set you date and time:

Just remember to set it back when done with your test.

Thanks for your reply. I had thought of that but really prefer not to change date and time on my mac. I have too many scripts, backups, etc based on Mac realtime and timestamps.

I was hoping that a specified initial date and time could be given in mamp init. so only mamp is affected.

Again, I do appreciate the reply with pics and all. Thanks.

MAMP is running real PHP and Apache, to my knowledge they cannot be changed internally with PHP or Apache directives for security reasons (shared environments etc). I think time zone (PHP) is all you can change.

Thanks very much… I think you are right. (after extensive web searches)

A few years back a picked up a Mac Mini used for $150, and use it for a test machine. Comes in great for thinks like this.
I have it networked to my main Mac so I can publish files local to a shared folder and point MAMP on the test machine to the shared folder on the main Mac.

I have two iMacs and a MBP but they are all mostly in use all the time. Ha… never can have too many machines!

I know my request is a bit off-beat but imagine a “blog” index type page done with stacks. I have the pic and first few sentences of reports that then link to the main report page (just like a blog). I’d like to be able to queue up two weeks worth of entries with one “timed” to show each day. Thus, if you completed two weeks worth of entries on your index page, then IF… you could get MAMP to show “todays date plus one”, then you could simply view tomorrows page in Mamp to make sure the date/time was set properly and all else is ok in live environment.

Too many times I’ve set parameters only to find out later I rushed and had a typo.