Setting up Sitelok

I have a login profile and logout items in my menu:

So when I go to menu bar: members, login, I can hit the link “haven’t signed up yet”

Screen Shot 2020-12-27 at 9.01.07 PM

and it should take me to the registration form.

But it goes to the wrong directory…

the form is in the member folder.

I just uploaded as sitelokpw has it already slpw and members folder go to the top level directory… register.php is in members… so why does it look for it in the top directory? as it is I get a 404.

How do I change it or fix this?

I can’t just drop it in the top level… that doesn’t fix it…


Also I see that making the usergroups only admin and client doesn’t seem to deny access when logged out… you can try yourself:

First things first. When you open the Sitelok cPanel and look at your login form, have you set your Signup URL link to the correct directory - in your case:

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knew i was being dumb somewhere… OK now registration page works

What about the locking down that blog page?

Also I noticed my captcha on the registration isn’t loading:

and is there any way to customize that registration page? give it a background or something?

Thanks Gary for your help with that.

The registration page is just a simple example. In practice you would add the form to your own RW page instead.

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