Settings made in the editor of RapidWeaver 7.1.4 are not persistent

I am having a lot of difficulty with RW 7.1.4. At the moment I have assembled a few blog pages (previously used in WP blog for a few years) I assumed (wrongly perhaps?) that pages which are subordinate to the home page would adopt the same settings that the home page is using. This seems to hold true for master styles and yet I am not seeing persistence in settings I have made for categories which I have defined for the home page under the page and categories setting.

I saved and published the settings locally and they seem to have stuck for the first two pages only. All other pages have no category definitions. I have already written about the software not accepting that it can publish to a local directory so I am working blind in that I cannot see what is being generated easily. I was hoping to replace my existing website with an RW generated one but it is utilising a large amount of time and does not seem to be hugely practical right now.

I was looking forward to working in a WYSIWYG editor but this software has been problematic since first installation. Having spent money on add-ons as well as the software, it is a disappointing to have to struggle in this way. Because I cannot see the output correctly, I cannot deal with the issue of multiple pages producing multiple tabs which do not appear to be ordered in any sensible manner. They are falling below the initial line of tabs and appear to be randomly scattered on the page. I was hoping to arrange the various categories into folders or use accordion or some similar approach to reduce the space needed for some 60 pages which have varying titles but share one of 12 different categories.:scream: