SFTP connection is extremely slow

As recommended I would like to switch to a SFTP connection for uploading my sites. The connection works, but it takes very long to establish the connection and the transfer is much slower than the FTP connection to the same host.
With Cyberduck there are no problems of that kind. So I assume, it’s a problem somewhere inside RapidWeaver.
Do I have to change a setting somewhere in RapidWeaver besides the ones in “Publishing”?

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I’m just making some guesses. Someone more knowledgeable can help out soon enough. I did a switch from FTP to SFTP about 2 to 3 years ago so I don’t remember the details but I’m not seeing anything obviously off. It’s possible that the path and website address need to be tweaked. I don’t remember if I had to change those a tiny bit when changing from FTP to SFTP.

I have my speed set to 6, like yours. But may be worth while changing to something slower then moving back up again.

When you say slow what does that mean? How much slower than FTP approach? If it’s only a few seconds slower, I’m not sure this is worth “fixing”.

This is off topic but it may be worth your while to change the backup frequency. Always useful to have a zipped backup on your server in case something goes wrong.

Thank you for your ideas.
I am assuming that it has something to do with establishing the connection. Already testing the connection takes very long. I just tested it and it took 40 seconds until ist was successful.
It may speed up the whole thing a bit, if I reduce the number of connections to use, because I see the same long waiting time for every of the six connections.
As already said, Cyberduck opens the connection without any delay.

Comparing speeds to Cyberduck can be a bit misleading. I find the RW is always slower connecting than Transmit or other dedicated FTP apps. That said, 40 seconds does seem very very long.

If you change just one page (mark changed) how long does it take to publish? Takes me on average 4 seconds between asking to publish a page and the files actually starting to be published. (And I have a very modest internet connection.)

It takes 40 seconds to beginn the transfer, another 40 seconds to set up a second connection and ten seconds to upload the data.

Hopefully someone else can help here. 10 seconds to upload the data (this can vary so much from page to page) sounds quite reasonable. I’m not sure what this “second” connection is all about. But 40 + 40 sounds is way way too long. Once I changed from FTP to SFTP I don’t think I noticed any real change in speed of publishing: could have been a wee bit shorter, or a wee bit longer, but nothing noticeable.

Thank you Mathew.
It seems that I am alone with this problem.
For me the only thing to do is going back to a simple FTP connection.
Not good, but as I am the only one using these connections, it’s not really a security problem.

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