FTPS super-slow after server migration

We’ve just had our hosting migrated to a new company, and now publishing via FTPS is ridiculously slow. After about 30 minutes, only seven files or so had been uploaded.

We can’t use an un-secured connection, and the domain is an addon, so cannot be accessed with SFTP, only STPeS.

I don’t seem to get any errors, just an incredibly slow upload. The console is full of messages, but none saying there’s an issue with the connection etc.

Other FTP apps are super quick in comparison. I realise this is obviously migration-related, so does anyone else have any issues like this. Our new hoster is Krystal, if that’s any help.

Hi Kevin

Have you tried contacting the host to see whether there’s anything in their server logs that would help? Does the host support multiple connections to the server?