Sharing a RW8 file with RW7 user

Is there any way to save a RW8 file back to RW7
I am trying to help someone with a site…but he does not have RW8

I just tried creating a RW8 file and then opening it in RW7 and it wouldn’t let me. Maybe there are some tricks that can be done but I wasn’t able to at first glance…

TL;DR: i wouldn’t do that if i were you. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

it’s possible to hack some of the internals of the file and force it to open in RW7 – but you will definitely risk corruption of the file and definitely lose some data – as not all data/resources written by RW8 are understood by RW7.

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@joemart1951Did you never have RapidWeaver 7 installed?? If you did, you can run both side by side on your Mac. I run RW 5-8 on my two iMacs.

I still have 7 up

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