Shipping Physical Items: Need basics

We’ve been a local-regional business selling honey and beekeeping supplies. It is a side business. I recently rebuilt the site with Depth theme and RapidCartPro. Now we’d like to sell and ship. I’d like help stepping through the process of getting there.

I’m an hvac programmer. Nothing like what you web guys do, but I have a technical bent. I don’t mind poking around, reading documentation. I’ve read a bunch but I need some help on how to do this successfully.

You will have better response if you ask specific questions. What are you having trouble with?

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Thanks for the reply, Scott.

I can see in RCP>Products how to set up physical shipping, the max items of a specific product a customer can order X one time, and the weight. The options also have a place for price and weight which I find confusing. What do I do with this?

My question is how to set up Cart>Shipping Rules. This is another area in which I need help. How do I apply these to a product? How does this work when a customer buys a suit, hive tool, and bee brush?

And there’s the practical issue of actually shipping items. There’s ShipStation which seems attractive withe entry level plan. Does it integrate into what I’ve got going?

I don’t use RCP, I use Ecwid but I found this, From the RCP manual:

Set Up Shipping Fees

If at least a product version configured a Physical, shipping is added to cart, during checkout RapidCart Pro shows a shipping method picker.

Like costs and discounts, shipping methods are calculated as a Fixed or Percentage amount using a rule-based logic. Setting the shipping rule Type you can choose if shipping fees are calculated using the number of Items in cart, order Weight or Total amount. You can define a set of Steps and associated amounts. If you prefer offering free shipping over a total amount, check Free shipping over total amount of and enter desired amount in the text field.

RapidCart Pro does’t integrate with online shipping calculator by UPS, FedEx or other courier delivery services company. Shipping fee calculation is based only on rules set in plugin.

Countries control in Shipping panel can be used to limit the availability of a given shipping method to some countries.

If you don not enter any values into Countries control, shipping methods will be available for all countries.


I signed up for the free Ecwid. The reason I went with RCP is that I wanted to avoid monthly subscriptions. I know they are not much, but I wanted to gauge how much we’d sell online to see if we’d need to move to subscription services. Thanks for the nudge. I’ll read and poke around and see if I can get the zen of shipping.

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