Shop solution / E-commerce with a special pricing

I’m looking for a shop solution / e-commerce which will allow me to define prices like this:

Main prices defintion: Start-sales prices + Price per item

  • option 1 (Start-sales price option 1 + Price per item option 1)
  • option 2 (Start-sales price option 2 + Price per item option 2)
  • option 3 (Start-sales price option 3 + Price per item option 3)
  • option 4 (Start-sales price option 4 + Price per item option 4)
  • option 5 (Start-sales price option 5 + Price per item option 5)
  • option 6 (Start-sales price option 6 + Price per item option 6)

Option will vary from product to product.

Any (easy & good looking) solutions – suggestions?

I’m not fully understanding what you are describing.

Do you mean a based price per product, with the option to add additional elements to the base product and in the process adding a defined cost to the overall item price?


Is the product range to be maintained within RW or in the browser?

What checkout/payment gateways do you need?

Do you need to add shipping, and if so will it be a flat rate or based on location/items in cart?

Do you need an SCA compliant solution?

How do you want to retrieve order data: In some sort of store dashboard, via email sent to you or via the payment gateway?

How many products will be in the store?

Do you need to categorise the product range?

Does the solution need to send confirmation emails to the customer?

Does the solution need to provide tracking info?

… That’ll do for starters!

(Ecommerce is way more complex than most think, there are a million things you need to consider before landing on the perfect solution).

Hi @defligra,

What kind of goods will you be selling, just digital ones or otherwise?
I like @TemplateRepo, didn’t quite understand the pricing options.


Our new Vibracart Pro shopping cart supports product options that change the base price of the product which is what I think you are asking for. It comes with a set of stacks so that it works seamlessly in Raidweaver too. Checkout is via Paypal and / or Stripe with SCA compliance.

You didn’t mention if you are selling a download or a physical product? Vibracart Pro supports both anyway and can handle delivery of downloads as well as shipping and tax etc.



Woah!! Vibracart Pro?

Just looked at it, downloaded manual and all I can say is WOW!!! That looks like everything Rapidweavers have been screaming out for all these years - all wrapped up in one incredibly well designed and cleverly structured solution. I love the JS handles for custom function calls and can see how your class system allow the cart to easily melt into just about any underlying design.

I don’t often go off about RW plugins these days but I think more people need to hear about what you’ve got going on there. Next time I need a shopping cart in a RW project I know what I’ll be using. Beautiful work.

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Agree, it looks very interesting.

Regards pricing: One-year support/upgrader licence is $60, then additional years get a 50% discount, so $30? Likewise, an initial licence for one domain is $60 then any additional licenses for additional domains are also 50% off? Am I reading that correctly?

Finally… To fully evaluate the product is a demo version available?

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Yes, any additional licenses after the first one have 50% off. Its the same licensing model I use for Sitelok. Each license has a year of free updates too.

There isn’t a demo to download directly as I don’t like locking or securing PHP scripts which can be tricky for users. However if you contact me directly on support [at] I will of course send you the full product to try out.

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That’s great to know. I will drop you an email from my work address in the week.

Brochures, books, leaflets and different kind of prints. So it’s complicated.
An ordinary shop solution won’t do.

Example: A brochure

Prices will change depending on:
– Number of pages (from 4-80)
– Paper Quality (90-170 g)
– Adding cover in af different paper quality
– Changing the binding (3 different kinds)
– Different kind of finish

So it’s complex, as you can see.

Reply to self & other RapidWeavers who drop by the thread.

As I don’t need to accept payment up front, a math script will do. I gave @joeworkman’s Pi-stack along with the foundation form stacks a run for the money, and it will do the math.

Vibracart Pro looks nice, and might be usable in more plain shop-cart solutions, but won’t – like RapidCart and Cartloom – do complicated math-price calculations.

Thanx for the answers. Sometimes you need to ‘take a walk’ to see the perspective from another angle :slight_smile: