Show sub page in Nocturnal

Hi, I have a site here that uses Will Woodgate’s Nocturnal theme, and sub pages do not show in the menu. How do I get them to show? I would like this page to show in the menu as well … it is nested under Riverside Run in my project. Thanks for any advice.

This info is from the ThemeFlood description for the theme…

Nocturnal is intended for smaller websites with less pages. On both mobile and desktop devices, the parent page links are shown in a fly-out menu, triggered using the button at the top right. Only parent page links are listed here. You can still build a website that contains subpages, but these will not be shown by the theme. You would need to manually create your own links to any subpages you want shown.

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Much obliged for that info @NeilUK … I appreciate your time and advice. :slightly_smiling_face:

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