Side Bar Title In College2

(Eric Edwards) #1

The side bar title space does not work when using College2 page.

(Isaiah Carew) #2

It seems to be working pretty well for us here. I tried in a few themes. Here’s a screenshot from the built-in theme called Manitoba.

But there are many themes and a lot of variety. Some with interesting constraints on the sidebar content. So I would not doubt that there are some combinations of: Collage + Theme doesn’t yield optimal results.

An easy test to see if it’s a theme-related issue is just to quickly change themes to see if there is any affect on the issue at hand.

If you provide some more specific info about what you’re seeing maybe I could probably provide some more specific help. :slight_smile:

(Eric Edwards) #3

Thanks Isaiah, you’re right - a change of theme permits the title box to be used.

(system) #4

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