Side Bard removal & tables in Rapid Weaver 5

I have just started using Rapid Weaver 5. How can I remove the side bar in a template and can I add tables?

RW5?..see if the theme you are using has options to hide the sidebar, you can add tables but you’ll need a 3rd party stack

sorry for the silly questions but how do I find out if I can hide the side bar and what are 3rd party stacks?

im not using RW5, but on the right side of the app you should see options for the theme, like width size, banner options, colors and sidebar options

The options section seems to offer no alternative layouts for any of the pages - help!

which theme are you using?

at the moment I am using Business but happy to change to any of them

unfortunately, im not using RW5( im using RW7) i guess you have to see which of the themes you have support sidebar options

Thank you for your advice. I will have a look at this.