Sidebar question (again)

Is there a way to have the sidebar on above (or at least below) the content?


In most Themes, as far as I know, the sidebar is just that - a ‘bar’ which is made for content which the designer (you and me) wants to appear at the left or right side; or optionally to suppress - so as to allow the rest of the content to occupy more of the page laterally.

Have you looked into the growing world of Extra Content (here’s some proprietary background): many themes now make it easy for us to place content in parts of the page - like the top or bottom - previously unavailable in simpler Themes? It looks as though you want to do just that!

There are now Stacks to make the implementation of EC really easy, nominating by number which area that a Theme developer has reserved for you… that is, “Here’s my stack element; I want it to go in the Themes EC area number 4 - or whatever”. Good luck!


Yep I use EC a lot. My problem is I still need the sidebar for the blog and I really don’t like it to take that space on right or left. At least when responsive themes go under a certain width the sidebar is moved below the content. There’s no way to accomplish just the same at desktop widths?


I don’t make a lot of use of blogs; I’m sure someone else will know just what you need to do and be able to help. Good luck!

you could have a look at DeFliGra’s Flex2 stacks

it’ll keep a fixed width sidebar whilst the rest adjusts responsively up to a breakpoint after which the sidebar will pop below

Thanks for the link stanbits. But think this stack will not “affect” the sidebar. It looks like it can recreate the sidebar feel. But I am looking for the “real” sidebar with all the blog things (categories, archives, feed) above or below the content just as it looks at smaller widths.

The following themes just make it right but I don’t want to switch to those designs. Just moving my sidebar.

I haven’t tried it out in practice but I believe Halogen by Michael David Designs has a bottom sidebar.

Vitor from weaverthemes came with a solution working at least with the Shift theme: #secondary-content {display:block !important;width: 100%;}

Try the Podium theme from Henk Vrieselaar. These are the options:

I think there is at least one other Henk Vrieselaar theme that has a sidebar which can be at the bottom or the top of the blog post content. Sorry, I don’t remember which one.

The Omnicon theme from 1 Little Designer has a menu button on the top left and a “gear” button on the top right. When you click the gear, the sidebar slides from the right to the left, over the content. Click the gear again and the sidebar disappears. (I used CSS to change the gear icon to a right-facing arrow icon, to better communicate “hey, there’s some more stuff on the right.”

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