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I need a simple blog stack that has normal blog functionality, but gives me total freedom to make the posts look however I like. I don’t need CMS or a database. I’m building my sites on Foundation 6, but Total CMS is a supersonic jet, whereas I need more of a horse and buggy… but a good, reliable horse and a sturdy buggy. Here are my requirements, so far as I’m aware:

  1. It must be Foundation-friendly; this is a deal-killer if it’s not.

  2. I have one big blog where I post relatively frequently, and several small ones where I post only a few times per year at best, so I need to buy a stack where I pay once, rather than once per domain.

  3. I create my own archive system, which is basically a blog for each year, with the main summary page displaying the latest ten posts or so across the years. So there’s a 2021 blog, a 2020 blog, and so forth. This means that every post by definition has a permalink. It’s horse-and-buggy, but it works. But what this means is that the blog home page must show the most recent posts, even if they span years. Ideally. This is not completely a deal-killer, but something I’d like a lot.

  4. The blog must have an RSS feed.

  5. I use Facebook comments, so it doesn’t need to have comments built in.

Those are the most important points. If I had a summary stack and some way of doing RSS feeds, I could pretty much build the blog myself as a series of nested pages. But in any case, is there a simple blog stack out there that does these things and that I can deploy across several sites?

I should add that I’m a Sandvox refugee, if that means anything to anyone.

Hi Steeve, I was in a quite similar position last month and I bought Poster 2 form instack. I’m very happy with the possibilities offered by this stack (it’s quite simple and very powerful) and even by the support I had from Janis, the stack’s creator ; he’s been very kind and helpful…


Thanks @luzule for the warm words.

@SteveMouzon Poster 2 really fits to your requirements. Please check website below for further information. Currently a Black Friday deal is going on too.


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