Simple CMS driven file-serving site?

Situation: Son’s school are awful with communication. They do have an area on their website where they have some letters that you can download, but not all, particularly time-sensitive ones as the person who uploads them only does it about once a week (if that) so some have deadlines for sending replies that come and go before they would be uploaded, so just aren’t.

Solution: I was thinking of setting up a proof of concept page that they could see. Is there a way of doing something in Rapidweaver with or without 3rd party plugins that could: Create a page for each year group that would automatically add a link to download or view files that were uploaded to the relevant folder for each year group. In an ideal world, the interface for uploading would also be web-based, and have a username and password so that only those users could add files.

It would need to be responsive so that people with smartphones could also see the files (almost always a PDF).


Take a look:


Thanks for the quick answer! Just downloaded from them but says it’s not compatible with Rapidweaver 6 (I’m running 6.3.4) so I’ve sent them a support message.

May I suggest contact developer?

I found this:


Did you have a reply from the developer on this?

Utrasteve: I would ask the school to look into using Moodle.


Yes, the developer did reply, but unfortunately it isn’t responsive, so doesn’t work on smartphones :frowning: I’ll definitely look in to Moodle, thanks.

Hi ultrasteve,

Thank you. Shame it is not responsive. Its for a small golf club and the guy I am making the site for uses his iPhone and iPad a lot, so it needs to look good on those. It’s a shame though as it had all the features I needed. There is a free download to try out, but as you know it doesn’t install.

I meant to mention that many schools that I have worked at use Moodle as their way to communicate with parents.