Making a real file sharing feature within a Foundation project

Hi there,

I am working on a community project, and I need a feature where my members can upload and download files and pictures and where the feature also allows the user to create sub folders. I have searched for such a feature but don’t seem to be able to locate just what I need.

I am working in RW6, Stacks 3, and Foundation.

If anybody have some good ideas I have very big ears :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

With the requirements you’re describing only WeaverFM from Chillidog Software comes into my mind:
But this plugin – although probably working with RW6 – is quite aged and didn’t get any overhaul in the last years, which really is a shame. And I can’t tell you how well it could be integrated in a Foundation site, since it’s a plugin and not a stack and so you’ll have to use Pluskit to get it into your Foundation page.

Another solution could be Sitelok from Vibralogix (maybe together with one of their plugins):
This solution is brilliant, with a very kind and responsive support. But since I don’t know if this will cover your requirements you’ll have to dive into the informations provided on their site…

Thanks @RapidBase,

I am using Sitelok heavily on my site already and I am almost daily in dialogue with Adrian from Vibralogix. I have in fact made a suggestion to Adrian about extending his file-sharing plugin to do what I am seeking for here. He is considering this at the moment.

Perhaps I just will have to wait and see what he comes up with :slight_smile:

Thanks for your answer anyway (I will take a look on the Chillidog thing too - it just might be the solution for me)

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Cause there are big things planned :slight_smile:

Hey Greg, great to hear that! :slight_smile: But when will these ‘big things’ happen? Any rough time frame (“before summer” or so)? Maybe this will even be a stack…?? :wink:

@barchard Wow, that would be fantastic! Like @RapidBase I hope it’s a stack-driven product, but even if not I’m looking forward to an updated file-sharing product.

Any news on this??? I am in need for a solution.

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