Simple Illustration of problem in RapidCart Pro

(ricklashonefoy) #1

Why would I get this …

When I have this Enable …

(ricklashonefoy) #3

Thanks SteveB but that did not do the trick either.

(ricklashonefoy) #5

Sorry SteveB it did not work either do you want to go for strike 3. lol

(ricklashonefoy) #7

Yeah I think that I will have an entire 6 pack then throw away this RapidCart Pro. I have to go purchase something that is going to work for me. Like a fool I listen to what everyone said about this being so great. Anyway, thanks a lot. Happy web building.

(ricklashonefoy) #9

Yeah I wish that I read those reviews before purchasing it be sure I will not make the same mistake twice.