Need help with Rapidweaver 8 + Rapidcart Pro 4.18.6


I’ve been using Rapidweaver for many years.
Lot’s of frustrations with my provider and Rapidweaver.
Got Rapidweaver 8.9.3 and RapidCart Pro 4.18.6 on my computer for over a year now, but can’t seem to make anything from it, so I keep going back to my old computer where I use Rapidweaver 6.4 + RapidCart 3.7.1. ( this is my webshop: )
Can’t do anything on my old computer, except updating my store stock.

Where lies the problem…
RapidCart was just drag & drop.
RapidCart Pro…

I would like to see a tutorial(video) for making a webshop step by step.

Can anyone help me?
Show me in the right direction?


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