Simple Payment Form linked to Paypal or Square

Wufoo Forms keep on putting their prices up with no change to their service or improvements calling it “matching our marketplace”. I need to be able to enter a financial value in a form with a Invoice Number or some basic details about my client and accept a payment on my website via a credit card that is linked to my existing Square or PayPal Accounts. Is that possible because I am fed up with Wufoo putting up their prices because they want to be more well off? All my research has led me to addons that have one price but when you click in it they redirect to a bundle that is very costly for someone to buy for testing?

PaySnap works well.

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I have spent weeks doing recodes for many websites saying goodbye to Wufoo and buying stacks to compliment RapidWeaver and enable the features I wanted. I found Pay from Yuzoolthemes and used it for myself as well as one of my clients and all testing has worked. I now have over 400 Stacks and need to spend more time learning how to use them and gain the most out of the websites I can build. None the less thanks for the information and I will look into PaySnap as well. Here is my output so far… :smiley:

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