Form plug in or something for signing up for a club

Hello all, I am looking for a plugin or stack that forces some one to fill in certain information prior to checking out. I run a fly fishing club and what we would like it to do is the person fills out the membership online and it then takes them to a paypal area. I am not sure what stack or other that I would need for this. What do you guys have or what do you use? basically make them do an online membership form.

my site is


To give you an answer is pretty tough without more information.

Are you using a Windows Server or Unix?

Do you need the completed form saved to a database?

What Theme are you using, perhaps it has a built in form system that you can modify and add a PayPal stack?

Are you ever going to change the Theme (This could change the form functionality if using the Theme’s)?

Do you want form content validation on any fields, other than required?

Any additional information you require from member other than name, address, phone number, email address?

Did you want to issue a member number or use the receipt number as their membership number?

Did you want them to have the ability to download a printable membership certificate or card with their name and membership number on it for digital delivery?

You are only ever going to use PayPal and never a CC or Debit Card or other payment methods like cheque, money order?

You will find the answers vary greatly from people if you don’t provide this sort of information when asking such a question.

You can check out the eCommerce solutions on the RapidWeaver Community website, you can do a search for forms, you can do a search for Paypal and you will find a bunch of Plugins & Stacks.

Hope that helps a bit…

I think the guys covered something similar to this on the podcast which may be worth checking out. I’m not sure which one it was and even if they did it but it could be worth a listen. You may find your answer but then again you’ll find answers to a load of other questions you hadn’t thought of also.

@Turtle this is what we would like, is for the member to be forced to complete the form including phone number, EMAIL and address before paying via PAYPAL.

If they wish to pay via cash or check, they will have to fill out a paper form which I have on the site and they can either mail it in or hand deliver it at one of our meetings.

What I did previously in Sandvox was doctored up a contact form. Unfortunately in Sandvox you were not allowed to redirect the send button to a Paypal account etc. Infant after several months on Rapid Weaver I don’t know why I chose sandvox at first anyway RW is so much better.

As for themes, I am using currently I am using the wilderness theme because it has the horizontal navigation bar that my members like. I think later on in the year I will move to Foundation however for now this works for us.

We won’t issue them a member number through the site, we make up membership badges for them. However if this could be used say for a dinner ticket voucher etc that would be cool too because we do a big dinner every year as a fund raiser and that would work wonders.

I currently use a Unix server because windows server I found doesn’t work well with any apple product and unix doesn’t give me any problems.

@Chrisfrench do you know which pod cast so I can attempt to find it?

Machforms would offer you a nice ‘all in one’ solution.

You will be all set for ANY kind of member/data collection/payment collection form related activity forever with Machforms. Its brilliant.

Cognito forms have been growing for the last year or so, they have some interesting offerings you may want to check out. Maybe the free option would fit?

@kryten Is this a one time fee? for the software purchase? If so how would you integrate it into the site? Is it Iframed or other? Or if they click on the link does it re-direct them to another site for the purchase such as paypal does?

Is this a one time fee?
You get one form for free (to play around with and practice with, I suppose) after that the plans are paid for. Info here:

There is no software purchase. Cognito is a hosted solution. You log into their website where you get a (very cool) form builder then when you are ready you integrate it with your RW site. How would you integrate it into the site?

Users are directed to Eg PayPal as part of the form submission / check out process.
Note however that PayPal support is only available for certain plans, but Stripe is supported even on the free plan.

Cognito is just another option for a cool form - maybe not ideal if PayPal is required, but a cool free form builder nonetheless. Just depends on your needs.

@kryten I am thinking the mach form would be better for us. We already use pay pal and there is a small fee with that so adding another fee to us from the cognitoforms is kinda pointless.

Is this a one time fee? for the software purchase? If so how would you integrate it into the site? Is it Iframed or other? Or if they click on the link does it re-direct them to another site for the purchase such as paypal does?

There is a one time fee to buy a Machforms licence. $59 I think at the moment, but good deals do come up from time to time on sites like bits-du-jour.

You then download and install the software on your host. Its a walk in the park… just follow the instructions they provide and its hard to go wrong. Or, if you really don’t fancy it the nice folks over on AppNitro will install it for you within a couple of days. Not bad eh?

Once its installed you can log into the Machforms application running on your host. There you will be met with an orgasmic array of tools and options enabling you to make just about any kind of form -including payment handling, you feel like. Over at AppNitro there are user forums and a huge wealth of ‘how-to’s’ to be found within. I’m a bit of a fan… does it show?

Integrating it into your site… well, if you know how to drag an html stack onto a Stacks page and then copy and paste a dollop of code into it, then you know how to integrate your MachForms form into your RW project. Want to change the form… go ahead - hit save and its then updated immediately on your published RW site. Sweet.

They have a demo form with payment included:

There you will see the redirection to PP, that appears to be a concern of yours, in action.

I have found, having used it extensively for some time, that the built in ability to create and style your very own themes for your forms is just brilliant… you can make your form look native to your website (with a bit of work). If you can target it with CSS then you can style it however you like - all on the Machforms side so no need to get into pasting CSS in RW… the styling is applied at source. Very nice indeed.

@kryten I am not familiar with CSS but I can definitely copy and paste HTML easily. I think this will work great for us. thank you so much for your assistance.

You’re welcome.

If you get stuck with anything feel free to PM me or ask here ( there are some other MachForms fans here, somewhere ). I don’t think you will be disappointed.