Best way to combine a Form with online payment options

I have a helicopter company client who offer various trial-flight gift options and need to offer these online whilst also gathering a fair bit of relevant information such as flight dates, contact details for both purchaser and flyer, health / weight declaration, gift message and so on. In short the kind of form that needs to be custom built.

I have a system in place built about 6 years ago whereby they fill in the form (Formloom) first and are then redirected to a payloom page. The client then has to collate the two. I would like to update this to an integrated system and am looking at Machforms and possibly sitelok.

Any comments on these and any other options would be much appreciated

Not a stack or plugin, but has this option, used it on a few sites before. also has this as an option.

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Machform works great for that.

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I’ll bet you could do this for free using Ecwid and product option fields to capture the info. all the details captured in a nice, easy to deal with CSV file.

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Not seen Wufoo before. Looks good but hit an issue with their pricing. Payments is a paid for option. Their entry level subscription is $169 per annum which is fine if you use the 10 forms on offer but what if you only want one? That’s a lot to pay when Machforms offers a one-of purchase of $59 - use to your hearts content!

As suggested above, you can use Ecwid for that:

  • product options (date/dropdown/text box) will let you to collect necessary information from the customer
  • payment options (paypal, stripe, square and other payment options to choose from)

As an alternative, I’d also recommend Typeform (, which is in my opinion much better than Woofoo. Afaik, they support Stripe as a payment option

as with wufoo - typeform gets expensive when you add a payment option (even more so). Still - I can probably use these on other client sites so becomes an option at that point. Just expensive for a one-off.

Got it.

You can play with Ecwid then — it’s free up to 10 products.

+1 for MachForm. It can handle this with ease - and the owner is very much hands-on. Although they have an active forum, I’ve been very pleased with the timely answers I receive when sending a ticket in through their system. In addition, both the forms and the auto-replies are beautifully formatted.

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It’s my preferred choice at the moment. Need to spend an afternoon playing around with it but certainly looks powerful. Plus no need to use a subscription model!

Hey @manofdogz, if you by chance attended the WeaverSpace conference last fall, you should be able to find a very in-depth session I facilitated that walks through the entire process of setting up MachForm. From creating the database to some of the more advanced options MachForm offers. By the way, once the database is setup, one never has to touch it again - MachForm handles all aspects itself, in the background.

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+1 for MachForm from me also

Thanks Dave but afraid I didn’t. I’ll have no problem with Machforms. The issue is the usual one of making sure a product can do what you want before you purchase! Have to say Machforms looks very good so I’ll be getting that today.

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I use MachForm for all our entry forms on a site I manage and use PayPal with it. It functions flawlessly except when I make an error. They are very good to deal with too and great support.


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