Up loading issue - no website - shows " Index of / " only

(Ricky Nagata) #1


Please help me about uploading issue.

When I uploaded a new files to a new hosting server, it shows " index of / " on the website. There is no home page at all. What was wrong ? Thank you

(David) #2

A URL for the site would be helpful to troubleshoot your problem. Have you tried re-publishing all files?

(Ricky Nagata) #3

URL : http://fzak.com/

Yes, I’ve tried uploading all my files a few times. But no luck.

Thank you

(Doug Bennett) #4
Index of /

Means you don’t have a index.html or index.php file at the sites root directory.
It is most likely cause is your publishing path is not correct.

Some screen shots of your publishing settings (blank out your password) and the name of the hosting company would help us help you.

(Ricky Nagata) #5

Hi Doug,
Thank you for your reply. I’m not so good at web technical things.
I just made some webpage with Rapidweaver and uploaded.
Do I have to access to C-pannel?

(Doug Bennett) #6

What I was talking about is your RW publishing settings.
That is how you uploaded?

(Ricky Nagata) #7

Yes, I used RW publishing setting > filling out server name, user name … then just press ok.
But pass (option) is blank

(Doug Bennett) #8

Sounds like this is your first time publishing to this site with RW?

Did your hosting company send you an email with all your publishing info?

You almost always need to provide a path. This is different from host to host.
I’m not at a Mac right now so I can’t get you any screen shots but you might want to take a look at some knowledge base articles :

(Ricky Nagata) #9


Thank you for reference.

It has been resolved now.

Pass was /public_html/