Site Designer for an Artist?

I’ve been producing an artist’s website for an artist friend. He likes what I’ve done but now wants to manage the website himself and upload photos of his paintings himself. I’ve given this a bit of thought and I don’t think he’ll find it easy to learn how to use RW and Stacks. Besides, I use all sorts of plugins. And also I’ll no doubt have to try and teach him (remotely) how to do it.

I think a better option would be for him to pay into a website service, such as Square Space, or something like that. I don’t know anything about it, but I imagine it’ll be a lot easier than becoming proficient with RW from scratch. Does anyone agree and can anyone recommend a site designer, that’ll be good for an artist?

Why don’t you take a CMS system?
I think the site should be easy to rebuild?
I have been doing the best experience with websites for artists. Take this:

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Those options you mention (squarespace etc) are certainly an option, however your client would still have a decent learning curve to produce a nice site. I agree with the cms suggestion. While many cms options would work I have experience with joe workman’s total cms and it is great for scenarios such as this. With the cms approach one can create a layout/design that the end user can not mess up, and in total cms’s case one can easily create a custom admin page tailored to their end user that frankly requires little to no training.

Thanks for the advice. That sounds good. I already have Armadillo, can anyone see that working for an artist’s site?

The current site has separate pages for paintings, sculptures and drawings. Each might contain up to a couple of dozen images.

A link to the website would be helpful.

In case you’re interested I have some themes focusing artists and creatives in general, some being reproductions of SS templates:

I’ve also used Armadillo in the past on all my themes with great results, in fact I believe Armadillo is one of the best cms sets available, part from being super affordable.


I agree with @lucas that Armadillo is one of the best CMS for RW out there. In your case each image could be an Armadillo “solo content” that your client can change at will. Works great with the UIKit3 Stacks Framework

Another option, which I used in my ChrisOhara Photography Project for UIKit3, was to enhance the functionality of the project with the Gallery and Repository Stacks from @instacks. The Gallery stack allows for images to be displayed from a web folder, and the Repository stack, enables the end user to easily manage the image folders.

Lastly, yet another option is to use my Axyn Ecwid Stacks and open an Ecwid account. Your client can upload all his/her images, and sell them if desired. Check out this artist site created like that… Marie Laforge Photography



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Feels like another perfect job for Total CMS blog. Each piece of art can be in individual post that can have its own gallery of images. You can categorize them by painting, sculpture, etc. You can tag them by maybe their style of art or something as well. You have dynamic filters for all of it as well as search.

With Total CMS, your artist friend will not have to know RW at all, they can control all fo the content that you give them access to. They can add as many piece of art as they want all without you or RW.

Here’s a very simple one (artist designed) using TotalCms

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