Split Theme is missing on site

As you can see my site is missing the theme - the elements have loaded to the internet but not SPLIT - I am using 6.3.8. I have “successfuly” published the files via rapidweaver and also uploaded the files via transit - still looks like this - the images and copy have all uploaded but the theme is missing. I am using dreamhost as the server nad it is an ftp site - i have changed the server, path, etc many times nad I get a clear test nad the files load but still only half the site.

Support on dreamhost told me i am missing files so I have attached alist of the files if anyone can tell me what the problem is - thank you ahead of time

Did you try to “mark all pages and resources as changed” and then “re-publish all files” ?

… and delet the browser cache !!

I emptied the cache and marked all pages as changed and republished - still looks exactly the same as attachment

I see, there is no css. The same like your screenshot.
I use split in many projects.

Republish all files and delete browser cache. That must work.
What do you see, when you change to preview in RapidWeaver?

… but the rw_common files are here.
Are you sure that you publish to the correct directory?

Are you

I have republished the files and emptied cache over and over again - when I preview it looks right

do you to mean the correct server?


although i have changed the setup many many times to reflect various suggestions - the thing is the files ‘successfully’ publish and when I got to the ftp they are in there and I’ve also uploaded he files on transit and I’ve asked support at dreamhost nd they tell me the files are in there bu I am missing some

Can not be.
If you publish and delete browser cache it must work.
With you the CSS data is missing, and the CSS is not on the server.

Save the project, shut down RapidWeaver, then re-open RW and the file.
Then re-publish all files.

I just verified the directory with dreamhost and they are all correct -

i have done that over a dozen times. I will try one more time and even shut down the computer - again. PLease come back in a minute or two becuase I dont think this will work

You can try another Theme (perhaps Tesla), re-publish all files and look, what happens.

… you delete the whole content on your server and then you re-publish again all files.

That must work, with you too :wink:

I deleted all files on the server and republished via rapiweaver and transit - tesla will not work because you have to use one of their headers and this is for an artist who wants to promote his work - any other suggestions??? I am open to trying anyhitng - this has been crazy frustration

i just changed the theme to tesla and re-published - the files took 3 seconds to “republish” and now the site looks exactly the same - there has to be something wrong

The banner (in Tesla) is another problem/theme. That we can solve. But that nothing changed that’s strange. I see in the code of your site, that’s always split is the theme, not tesla.

You can also use (for testing) Alpha. That’s a very clean theme. Your site must work with all themes, I think/know!.

But it cannot be, that when you re-publish with the new theme Tesla and this took only 3 seconds.
When you really re-publish with a new theme, that takes a minute.
Something is wrong.

Re-publish all files. That’s what you do?

Yes - I click on “mark all pages nad resources as changed” then I empty cache then I click on republish all files - each time it only takes 3 seconds or less to republish. What’s more I deleted rapidweaver 6.8 and downloaded a new version and still nothing helped

I just changed the theme to alpha - saved RW - went to "marked all pages as changed) then republish all pages and then empty cache and still no change to the site.

If i may add my penniworth, surely your site should be INSIDE the “public_html” folder.


Are you sure that you’re uploading your site to the right directory? I would try to upload all your files into the public_html folder (marked in pink in the screenshot below).

I changed the path to public_html and the republishing actually took a whole minute but after I emptied the cache the site still looks the same