Can't make any changes in RW8

Can someone explain why this is happening? I need to do updates from a site created in 2014. Current URL:

It could be that an image is missing from a folder and can’t be copied over. The image is named in the error report so that’s a good place to start.

But, IMHO, I’d start looking for a new theme as the theme you’re using is 6+ years old and made by developer who appears to be no longer active. The theme is trying to load Google fonts from an insecure location (http instead of https). This is coded into the theme so there’s little you can do to fix it. This is an issue now and won’t get fixed unless the theme gets an update.

Amazingly, this old and outdated theme is still listed on the RapidWeaver community site. Beware of using that site because there are still themes and stacks listed for sale that are very old and no longer supported.

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Thank you for this Neil. I’ve wasted about 5 hours trying to resolve, plus purchasing theme. It is a shame that the developer is cashing in on a defunct themes.

As advised, I started the process of rebuilding with new theme. To see if all works, I used a default theme with foundation stack. Hopefully this is the last road block in rebuilding the site. This is what appears in preview…

I would you a FTP program and remove the index.html files

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