On first opening RW after my Catalina install, I get this message. I have the sitemap on all of my sites.
How do I fix this?

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I’m willing to share code signing details and notarization details with any software developer who might be benefitted by same… I went through it with my software for Mac, and I’m running on Catalina now. But they probably know these things already, it’s probably something deeper in their program that is causing the delay in getting it signed and notarized. Anyone requesting code signing/notarization help will receive it.

Error from beta sitemap from slack @isaiah

After all the planning and preparation to upgrade to Catalina, getting things in order, if this had been a known issue, I would have held off. Disappointed.

Catalina itself took me hours and hours on line, then 4 hours on the phone with Apple, and finally 4 hours at the apple store, where the figured out how to get around the bad Mojave install one of their stores did on my computer 8 months ago when they replaced the main board.

Now I need RW to work completely.

The only thing stopping me from upgrading to Catalina has been this Sitemap plugin. I bought it 3 months ago because I was having problems with my site being indexed in Google Search Console (had a load of duplicate content warnings which was badly affecting my rankings)

It fixed all the indexing problems I was having for $15 so really pleased with it. YourHead are very good at updating all their software but I understand Isaiah is unwell at the moment hence the delay, get well soon Isaiah!

I’m not on Catalina and won’t be anytime soon. I also don’t use the sitemap plus plugin(I own it but have it disabled).

@isaiah is out sick, so if you are in a hurry: 1 – Christi is still answering email like usual and can help out in all but the most technical issues.

I’m sure she can let you know if there is a signed working copy.

As for that, I’m assuming that you checked the Disable Search Engines box on the sitemap plus page for the pages that have duplicate content.
What sitemap+ does when that box is checked is add the following meta tag to the page:

meta name="ROBOTS" content="NONE"

That’s shorthand for:

<meta name="robots" content="noindex, nofollow" />

RapidWeaver has a built-in way of doing that. In page inspector>meta Tags Check the enable Robot Meta Tags, and un-Check Index this page and Follow links:

Now as a side note, if you use sitemap+ for this and leave the default settings with RapidWeaver for the page (Enable, Index and Follow), you will generate both ROBOTS meta tags.

Syntax Error (multiple ROBOTS Meta):
		<meta name="ROBOTS" content="NONE" />
		<meta name="robots" content="index, follow" />

That’s a syntax error, right now Google reads the first one and stops, but since there is only supposed to be one that could change that in the future (or later today).

So if you want to use Sitemap+ for that then you still should uncheck Enable Robot Meta Tags box for those pages.

@isaiah has come down the pneumonia. He will be out of commission for a bit longer. I do know that he is actively working on an update for Sitemap.

I had made an external Mojave drive for the apps I need but were Catalina deficient, but I also did not transfer Rapidweaver to it initially because… I though all was well with RW and 64bit.

It is working now again on the external (Mojave) but it was a real nuisance adding it back after updating the main drive to Catalina which also automatically updated to the new APFS file system.
I thought I was being prepared and cautious. :wink:

I hope Isaiah rests and recovers completely soon.

I had this problem too. I contacted the developer and they let me have a preview of the compatible release, which works just fine. I am sure they would do the same for you if they haven’t already made the Catalina compatible version generally available.

🔥 RapidWeaver 8.4 and macOS Catalina Plugin Compatibility

I did download the beta version and it looks as though it’s fixed! At least that’s my first impression.
Thanks to the developers for the response…
I’m still glad that I kept the minimal Mojave external for future troubleshooting.

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