Sitemap missing XML tag on "holding page" site

Just published a holding page for future website and, having submitted the sitemap to Google, get an xml tag missing error. The parent tag is url set and the tag is url. As I understand it this error comes up when a sitemap contains no items and I’m wondering if this always happens with the RW auto-generated sitemap in a 1 page website?

Could I get a link to the XML sitemap (via PM if necessary) to look at this?

Is the homepage set to not be shown in navigation?

Yes - seems no point as its the only page. is this the issue?

Correct. The XML sitemap only outputs pages set to show in the navigation.

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great - sorted thanks

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Makes sense to me. Thinking about it, I have one recent site in which the theme doesn’t do a good job supporting 3rd level navigation. Hence I have 3 pages accessed via on-page buttons rather than the general navigation, and this works well. These pages are all indexed by Google, so no real worry there but if the site was larger I would definitely like them to be included in the site map because I would want a visible site map. I guess this could be done with a site map plug in but need to check

just an fyi, I believe SiteMapPlus will include pages not in nav (or not, up to you).

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