Sitemap Stack, is there one?

Is there any Sitemap stack available? I want to add a sitemap to my site and make it visible as a page, but when I do so using the built is sitemap plugin it uses my theme’s fonts for the navigation bars top and bottom. I added a FontStack stack on all of my pages so they would use a Google Font int those areas, and I can’t do the same on the sitemap page. Look here, click on Sitemap in the nav bar, and you will understand (I hope).

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Although you can’t easily include stacks on other page types (PlusKit @import is one option, but is tricky) it is perfectly feasible to manually include the CSS and whatever else to do the same job as FontStack.

I note you are using one of my themes, so the process is somewhat easier. I can give you the exact code to paste in, if you can tell me what needs changing and to what.

There are a couple of stacks available that can take your RapidWeaver list of pages and create a simplified sitemap / navigation tree. JumpStack and Gator come to mind.

@willwood also has his Lister stack that offers "site Navigation Links as a content type.

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