Slideshow with Lightbox?

Looking to find a slideshow with a Lightbox? Is there such a thing?

I have no idea what you are looking for.
You could check out TopBox, Example Image Gallery ?
Also you might look into these.

As far as I know there is no Slider stack with a built in lightbox function. It’s an unusual request. I think most people would simply go for a slider stack which could be paused.

There is, however, a workaround to achieve what I think you want. I’ve just tried it. It’s cumbersome and involves placing alot of stacks on the page but it works.

It’s probably possible with various combinations of lightbox and slider stacks but this is what I came up with:

You need three stacks Cycler from Joe Workman, Morphing Lightbox from CosCulture, and ImageWizard from Stacks4Stacks.

Load Cycler and place a set of ImageWizard stacks corresponding to the number of images you wish to display inside Cycler. Place your images into the ImageWizard stacks. They can be dropped or warehoused. Then place the corresponding number of MorphingLightbox stacks on the page. These will contain your lightbox images. Give each MorphingLightbox a unique name. Link your images in cycler to the corresponding MorphingLightbox. That’s it.

Note: The slideshow continues to roll while you’re viewing your lightboxed image so when you close your lightbox the slideshow won’t necessarily be displaying the image that you just viewed in the lightbox.

You might be just able to do the same thing with Stacks4Stacks TopBox instead of MorphingLightbox.

Thank you for your efforts! It is a odd request that I was doing my due diligence. I will give the client the either or. Really appreciate that you took the time.

I can confirm that it works with TopBox 5 as well as Morphing Lightbox.

Hi! Check out Nick Cate’s Photo Pro stack.

“A lightbox slideshow can be enable/disable on a per group basis. When enabled, you can also adjust the autoplay stop behavior and next delay timing. The slideshow begins once the lightbox has been opened. Combine the slideshow with lightbox thumbnails for a rich viewing experience.”

Lind, Gallery Stack 3 from instacks has a variation called ‘Slick Slider’. Take a look at that also

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