Social media description coming up when I paste site link in an email

I filled in the Meta Tags description area of my clients webpage
Added an image where it says image.
So that when my client posts/share in social media this intro and image will come up.

HOWEVER …Now when he just types a simple link to his site in an email …that image and description text appear on the email. (see image attached)

Ive never seen this. When I paste his webpage link to an email it stays a nornal link. However when my client types or pastes the link all the other stuff appears!

How do I make it stay just a simple link in emails etc


I just cant replicate the problem. No matter what I do when I add thew link to his website to an email it stays just that. No immage of him and description meta pops up on my email

So is it possible that this is something he inadvertantly created within his email settings?
I just cant figure out where it is coming from, as it you inspect the link there is no extra info other than his website link.

I’d start by finding out what OS and mail app version your client is using. It may help you recreate the issue.

With that said, this is likely a function of the mail client your client is using.

Thanks, yes … somehow he has created the ability to attach the social media info to a normal link. But so far it seems only him on his desktop can create the problem

He says he touched no mail settings and no preference … so its a mystery !

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