Social Media Like Icons and Firefox's Facebook Container

Hi, I’ve been using CosCulture’s Facebook/Social Media Icon add-in for a few years. But I have noticed that Firefox’s Facebook Container disables this. Privacy is important, especially on the internet, but I value my site visitors being able to “like” my web pages on Facebook if they wish.

Does anyone know of a work around for this, or a different app that will still allow visitors to my sites to ‘like’ my pages on Facebook, whatever browser they are using?

Grateful for your responses, many thanks


I think anything that’s using the standard facebook-plugin API is going to be subject to this.

It’s only a small percentage of users that use Firefox (globally about 4.9%), and of those how many are using the Facebook Container extension? Of course, there are other extensions like Disconnect that also will stop “source URI” from happening.

If the user chooses to use these kinds of extensions (a very small percent of users) then you probably should respect their wishes. You could put a manual link on the site that would take them to the FB page that they would like?

I don’t know of anything that would by-pass this.

Thank you Doug, that’s very helpful, especially the percentages. If I hadn’t been a Firefox user myself I wouldn’t have noticed it. So it’s good to know that it is a relatively small percentage of people who use Firefox. If more browsers add containers like this then I guess it will have more of an impact.

Thanks again


There’s similar privacy extensions available for every browser. All the major browsers also offer some kind of ”Incognito Mode” or private browsing.

I haven’t seen any stats on what percentage of people use any of these, but I think the numbers are growing.

The reality is that companies like facebook, Google, and others make there fortune invading people’s privacy. Facebook doesn’t charge for using their services, so they make money with ads and selling information about the users.