Social Meta-Tags RW8: Facebook and Instagram

Hello everyone,

I need some help with inserting the (social) meta-tags into my RW project for my site. I am using RW8 with Foundation.

These are the setting of my page inspector in the homepage of the site:

When I preview the link on social media like facebook this is how it shows up… not so pretty :laughing:

I looked at the SEO tutorial by Ben, but couldn’t figure our what’s the missing link…

Any help with this would be highly appreciated.

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

P.S.: in the general settings the “Generate Social Tags” is ticked off :heavy_check_mark:

Use the SEO stacks built into Foundation, the RW8 stuff is limited.
Setting up the Twitter and FB stuff is a lot easier.
If you go this route be sure to disable the social stuff in RW8

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Hello Paul,

That’s great!. I totally forgot about that feature by Foundation.
I have filled all the necessary informations:

… but still the link looks a bit blunt on social media.

I de-selected the “Generate Social Media Tags” on the general settings and I published the changes.

What do you think is the issue at this point?

I don’t have or use Facebook but they have a OG tester here
I’d test it there and not in a 3rd party app. Twitter have a similar tester.

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Thanks for the link Paul: that is very helpful!.
I have filled all the boxes on the SEO Helper stack, but I get this message on developers.facebook

Do you know what is the reason for this messages?

The image below shows the stack settings and info:


You should use consistent URLs throughout. In one part you have the URL with WWW, and in the other without WWW. It makes a difference as technically they could be two different websites.

Hi Neil,

What do you suggest to fix this?
I just changed theURL on the FB Open Graph as well as the Structured Meta Data to WWW.
Also, in the general settings the web address is WWW.

Is this enough?

As long as your URLs are the same, you’ll be ok in that regard. As for the Facebook thing, sorry, I can’t help.

I’ve given Facebook a wide berth for the last few years.

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Thank you Neil :slightly_smiling_face:

Could you help in clarifying this for me:

  • In the article page of my blogI have this open graph set-up: I have used the Blog Macro Hints

And it seems that works very well

But I wonder how can I create the same for Instagram, as when I click on the “+” button of the SEO helper stack there is not the option for Instagram.

Do I need to add the Open Graph for Instagram manually in the page inspector-meta tags of the page?

Any help with this, would be great!.

Thank you

To my knowledge, Instagram doesn’t have a separate set of meta tags.

I haven’t found anything or tested out Instagram, but my assumption would be since they are owned by Facebook they’re probably using the Facebook Open Graph standard meta tags.

Some good resources on social media meta tags:


Thank you Doug! I will go through it! I appreciate your help :smiley:

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