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Hi. In RW8 it allows you to generate social tags which are very helpful on Google etc. It only allows me to do one for Twitter though. Is there a way of generating more for Facebook, Instagram etc?

These are the ones to use for Facebook:

Twitter / Instagram understand open graph as well and will use those.

Thanks Fuellemann
I’m a bit of a novice to RW but I have used this section and when i’m tagged/recommended in Facebook it shows the Title, Description and an Image that I’ve put like an advert which is brilliant. What I was meaning though, was if I google my business, it shows up the Google details with Google reviews, address, phone number, opening times etc. If I scroll down it has ‘Profile’ links. It shows Twitter only. I’m presuming this is generated through RW in the General Settings Tab which only offers Twitter. Do I put something in ‘Other Tags’ below what you have screenshot?03

Not as far as I know - can’t you add this in your own Google My Business profile?

As far as I can tell its all related to links through my website. Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

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