Solitude Theme Video Banner issue

Hi I’m using the theme Solitude which I like, love the custom video banners, Ive followed the instructions by the author/creator but Im loading the original default green video banner before it loads mine! I have cleared formatting etc but can’t get rid of it, any ideas please.

The site is in its embryo stage but its

Im looking to add a cart , have been looking at Pay Snap, want something clean and easy to use, not over complicated.

Hope you can help.

Many Thanks


Hi David,
can’t help you with the Solitude Theme, but for a simple webshop you might consider PaySnap by Works fine for me. Very straightforward and not complicated to set up.

There seems something wrong with your menu. ‘Coffee News’ and ‘Shop’ are switching places.

Good luck,


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Thank you Hans

I went with Pay Snap and yes i like it, the menu is switching, Ive republished all files but still the same.

Appreciate your help.


Might the green banner be the poster frame which is shown before the video loads?

Thanks Jan

I beleive its the default video from the developer, I have sent a support ticket. thank you

Just an update, excellent support from Vitor Costa at Weaver Themes, this was his reply.

“When using a video background you also need to use an image, in this case you’ve changed the video, but the default image is still loading. To change that you need to add a background image and Override Site Banner”

Many thanks

Go well


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