Solved :- A basic question about the Page Safe stack

Hi all i have a project with many Photo Album plug in pages and i have to @import((Page Safe)) onto every page, i really would like to get it right FIRST time, but please can i ask, which part of the Page Inspector do i put the Plus Kit command > @import((Page Safe)) ?

Is it under Page Sidebar or is it under HTML Code/CSS i dont think it is Javascript.

An easy question for you experienced Weavers



There are probably different methods, but I always put the @import code in the Html stack and place that stack wherever I want the imported element to appear on a page.

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Ah thanks @Rovertek , i forgot to add that i am using the Photo Album Plug In every page !!.

Sorry for not giving sufficient info :frowning:


I would not use import to display content on a Stacks page. Well, why not using Gallery Stack 3 therefore?

@instacks Sorry Jannis i am using a large number of PlugIn Pages not Stacks pages, however i have now found out that JW doesnt recommend using @import(()) with his Page Safe stack !.

Jannis I do already have your Gallery 3 stack, i shall have to explore the possibility of using that for my project thanks.