Need help publishing

(David Kuchenbecker) #1

Hello All,

I am trying to publish my first site. I figured out the FTP settings set to where I can click the TEST button and it says things worked. It also looks like I’m publishing the site. However, after I go to the site, I only have a white page.

I’ve been looking around, and found this from my hosting company (

From everything I’ve read, the most common problem involves the path, but I don’t know what to put there to make it work. Any suggestions or nudges in the right direction would be much appreciated. Thanks!

(Doug Bennett) #2

Not at a Mac right now, but in the publishing settings there is a place to put the path. You can also blank that field out,and press the browse button. That will give you a list of directories that you can select from.

The article you linked above states to use

As the path.

(David Kuchenbecker) #3

I have done it with the public_html path, and the root path (figuring that the root of the URL is where the site code should go). Neither has worked.

(Doug Bennett) #4

What happens if you clear out the path and select the browse button?

Also some screen shots of what you have would help (black out private data).

(David Kuchenbecker) #5

Hi All. Sorry for the silence on this topic, but I ended up doing some unexpected work related travel and dropped this for a while. This morning, I was able to figure it out…it was a path problem. Crazy how a little time away from the problem.

Thanks for the suggestions, and I hope I can help others to give back…