Drag and Drop Text

It would be helpful to be able to drag and drop text between stacks.


But you can copy and paste text, can’t you.

Yes, put it’s a lot of clicking compared to drag and drop. It takes 3 clicks to enter text in a blank text stack. I would like to be able to just drop text in there.

Bruce - I can get mine down to two clicks (Cmnd-C, Cmnd-V) once I’ve selected :smile:

But - Yes, it would be nice.

Some stacks do, I know. Probably something that depends on the Stack developer?

I worked all day today on a new site. My hand is sore from clicking, and my **** is sore from sitting!

Not wanting to labour the point; and agreeing that drag and drop is a real convenience… after you’ve selected (something you have to do in either case, d&d and c&p), don’t you find it acceptable to hold down the one key (Cmnd) tap ‘C’, click onto the target area (could be quicker than dragging), and tap ‘V’; then release Cmnd?

Forgive me: I’m not trying to teach what I know you know. But maybe trying to be optimistic.

OTOH I’ll grant that clicking four times, thereby selecting an entire chunk of text, dragging and releasing is pretty simple.

In the old days there used to be a very gifted developer of BBS s/w who went by the name of ‘altman’ because he so detested the mouse. And I also remember a heavy user of what we used to call ‘micros’ telling me that the reason she disliked Apples and would never used them was because they were ‘too easy’.

I suppose it takes all sorts. I’m pretty certain that the add-on used here (site about to be relaunched, so no longer use it) supports drag-and-drop. But it’s not a Stack. Maybe a question for Isaiah?

I appreciate your suggestions. I made this a feature request with hopes that the developers might find a better solution. Here’s a detailed description of what I was doing to create my pages:

  1. I copied all the text from a page on my old site viewed in Safari and I pasted that into a text stack. I planned to separate the text into chunks to place it between image stacks on my new RW page.
  2. I placed a text stack on my RW page and cleared its default contents, and then I drag copied (option key) that stack multiple times on the RW page.
  3. Now the clicking really starts! Click 3 times to enter text edit mode on the stack with the master text.
  4. Select the portion I want to move and cut it.
  5. Click 3 times to enter text edit mode on the stack where I want to place the copied text and paste the text there.
  6. Repeat a whole bunch of times!

Yes - I can imagine how laborious that is! Good luck…