Moving Stacks with keyboard?

I find it very cumbersome when adding a new stack to a page and it goes to the bottom to then move it. To move it to near the top of the page with maybe 20 or more stacks on it you select the stack and drag it upwards with the mouse, it is easy to drop it where you don’t want etc. etc. Is there any way to do this with the keyboard? I can see nothing in the keyboard shortcuts.

When adding a new stack it shouldn’t “go to the bottom” in the first place. It should go where ever it is dragged to when you release the mouse button. If that’s not what is happening for you then there is another issue.

I’m sure @isaiah can shed some light if you contact yourhead support.

Also if you do need to move a stack a distance then cut and paste works effectively.

Ok, many thanks.

Just a short note. When you have copied a stack, it is easiest if you highlight the stack you want it to appear immediately after, and then hit cmd-V. So if you can’t get it exactly where you want it, you can at least get it very close.

EDIT: I’m never sure if I’m clear, so…short example. If you want the stack you’ve just copied to appear right after stack A on the page, then select stack A and paste it.

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