Solved: Just updated to latest Beta Build and I have no fonts available

Just updated to Version 7.1.0 (18289b) and my fonts menu’s are all dim - it is impossible to select or change a font. All other apps working normally. Only RW has dim font menu’s.

Addendum to original post…

7.1 (18282b) also has no active font menu for me.

I have to go back to build 17842 to get active font menus. My projects from build 18289b won’t open in 18282b or 17842 even though your note says 7.1 is NOT compatible with 7.0 - It doesn’t say anything about 7.1 beta’s not being backward compatible unless I missed something…

Another Addendum…
I created a new project… added a styled text page. Typed some text and went to Font’s menu… font’s are all dimmed out. Same with a text stack in Stacks3. Thus, it does not seem related to my projects as I have no fonts available in newly created projects either.

Works fine for me. Are you on Sierra?

@instacks Are you on Sierra?

NO - El Capitan 10.11.5

For the community… Brain emailed me with this:

We’re looking into it again, Greg. We thought we fixed it in the latest one. Obviously, we didn’t.


@LaPan no not up to now…

Just updated to Version 7.1.0 (18297b) and I have fonts again… Thanks!

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