Solved! - Platform: How do I create a full-sized image slideshow (hero)?

Hi all!

I’m trying to build a website with Platform, which is a great framework to start with for me as a novice on Rapidweaver frameworks.

My question is how do I create a slideshow covering the full viewport in Platform?

I know how to use the Hero stack in platform to let an image cover the viewport, but is there an easy way to do that with several images as a slideshow in Platform? Or with another stack?

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Try the Slider stack, change the Height setting for the slides to 100 VH
see attached images for reference.

You can download a full project file named the kitchen sink from here:

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There is also a video about the Slider Stack available where I explain in detail how to use it:


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Page 2 of my Platform pre-built project, Club Land, uses this feature:

Details on the project here:!/platform/club-land-11.html


It works! Thanks a lot!

I tried the Slider stack, but I did put the image in “Element” instead.

I’m very happy with Platform so far!

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But I can’t find the project Kitchen sink…

On the site

see screenshot


Thanks a lot!

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