Repeated License Activation Request RW 8

RW 8 on Catalina.

Recently, when opening RW, I sometimes get a pop-up telling me to buy or activate RW. It had been working fine since I bought it on release and hasn’t done this until recently, say the last four weeks maybe. While I can put in my email and copy/paste the license code, I shouldn’t have to do this. It is five minutes of effort I can do without. Is there a reason this has just started misbehaving? I have no add-ins/stacks. I have not uninstalled or installed any apps or changed system settings. It is a fairly stable OS and network environment.

Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.

So you are seeing this continually even if you reenter the license?
@Aaron might be able to help.

Not continually. I don’t use it overly much but I opened it maybe five times in the last week and it asked me twice. The first time it happened was a few weeks ago and I didn’t think much of it at the time as odd things can happen. I might not have used RW much before July/August as I’m only updating a small site rather than doing anything major.

This is usually a result of apps like LittleSnitch (software firewall) or CleanMyMac / MacKeeper. These apps either block or delete activation files so it resets the process.

Do you have any of these active?

Another possibility is that your ISP (network) is blocking the activation server.

Thanks for the suggestions. I do not and have never had any of those apps installed, so it isn’t that.

I take from your reply that each time I start RW, it checks with your servers that it is a valid activation. As it is a recent thing and not every time, it may be a poor link somewhere interfering just long enough to cause the license check to fail. It has been OK since the original post and I have started it quite a few times just to see what happened. I’m going to assume that it is not a software fault but a temporary comms issue which is out of your control.


Thanks for your help and advice.


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