Bug report: License Activation question always triggered if MacBook has no network

I am using RW 7.1.6. I am often in the train with no network connection.

Even with having a installation with a correct license activation, having no network will cause the license activation window pop up all the time.


Hey @instacks. That’s weird - thanks for reporting. We’ll take a look and try and get to the bottom of it :thumbsup:

Thanks. It is rather easy to replicate for me. Just turn of WIFI, restart RW, and the activation screen pops up.

My situation is even weirder!
Every time I start RW7.2 (I have a mobile connection, my license key is forgotten, as is my Stacks license key.
I have ‘TripMode’ active, which blocks unwanted applications from accessing the web while on a mobile connection. Every time I start RW7.2 a new instance of RW appears in TripMode. And – after activation, I get the message that my stacks have successfully been moved.

I think you’re problem is quite different from what is above. Your using a trial version of RW7. I would contact support at Relmac and get your key squared away.