SOLVED: Wrong RSS feed url

Hello amigos,

The main page of my site is a Rapidweaver blog. I have enabled the RSS Feed feature and I set the RSS File Name as feed.xml.

Now, if I use feedly or SimpleReader Mobile (for example) I get the wrong url’s for each blog entry (

You can see my site at

You can check the wrong url’s here:

Somebody can help me, please?

Thanks in advance,


Any clue about where could be the duplicated part on every RSS link?

Fixed!!! Feed XML file get every url starting as “www” and some feed readers treated them as “internal links” so they added the url of the site again.

The source of the problem was the Web Address from Settings - General. I wrote it without “http://” and I solved it by adding it…

That’s all! I hope this post can help (I didn’t find any help about this issue).

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