Total CMS RSS feed URL

This might be incredibly obvious to most but is totally eluding me.

I have a Total CMS blog set up, and can see in my Admin Blog Form stack the RSS Title and Description fields, but where can I find the RSS Feed URL?

I have checked the Joe Workman support site and here but couldn’t find anything other than a Post that said there is a feed integrated.

I have tried to view the page source of the Blog list page and search for RSS but there is nothing either.

Thank you!!

In the cms admin, on the blog list hover on the newspaper looking icon to the left of the posts title. Then click the link icon.

Thanks Scott, I appreciate your help. I will give that a try - I was locked on finding it within RapidWeaver and didn’t think to go to the published admin page (my admin page is down at the moment but hopefully Joe and Robb can help on that one).

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