Someone Reproduce This?

Hello- I’m beginning to question my sanity. Could someone try this and see if you also have the same problem?

Problem: Background Cannot Be Changed in ExtraContent Stacks
Setup: RW6.4, Stacks 3.2.0, ExtraContent or ExtraContent Plus Stack(s), Any theme that supports EC, 10.11.6

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Create a new RW project, Choose a theme that supports EC, Add a Stacks Page
  2. Add an ExtraContent Stack (stacks4stacks or SeyDesign) and assign the correct EC#. Just add some dummy text or something
  3. Try to change the background color (or try a background image) of the ExtraContent Stack (not the text stack… the EC Stack).
  4. Try to preview- Does the EC background change?

If you are seeing the changes, then I have no idea why mine won’t work. I’ve tried reinstalling everything and cannot get this to work. Used to work fine. I’m totally dead in the water with RW until this gets fixed. Been over a week now.

Thanks! Let me know if you have the same problem.

Some themes have EC color background options available, and those(at least the one im using) can only be changed by using the theme’s color options

Thanks @rolisize - The two themes I’ve tried don’t have the option in the theme settings. But just to double check:

  • If you preview the page, do you see the background color
  • Are you running Stacks 3.2.0

Thanks for taking the time!

  1. I see the background color thats selected from the themes’s color options(grey) Not the purple from changing the EC color settings in the stack
  2. Yes…version 3.2

What themes are you using?

Hmmm… Interesting.

I’ve tried a bunch of themes and they all do the same thing. The two I work with most are ThemeFlood’s Flood and MichaelDavidDesign Endeavor.

To make matters more challenging, I use background images and not just colors. I never had this problem until YourHead updated to Stacks 3.2.0.

Just to make sure: You can’t get this to work within the stack, right?

Thanks again!

Endeavor allows you to change the EC background color

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Are you talking about within the theme or from the stack. If you have Endeavor, are you able to change the background from within an EC stack? I need to be able to change the background with an image and all my pages are all built with the EC Stacks.

Thx for the help!

Ok, Thanks to @rolisize (who troubleshooted offline with me), I was able to figure out it was a corrupt project file that was effecting all project resources. Rebuilt the resources and everything started working as usual.