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I start on rapid weather.
I want to put mp3 sounds and small videos directly in the blog, and not via youtube or soundcloud or vimeo. how should I do? Should I buy an addon? if yes which one?
Thank you


Which Blog are you using? The default RW blog?

Where are your files stored? On YouTube, or locally inside the resources?

Cheers, Jannis

Thank you for your answer.

I’m using the default blog “Mountain”.

I want to store some short sounds and videos locally inside the resources, and some other with links on You Tube,Vimeo, Sound Cloud and others.

But for me the most important is to find a solution for locally inside the resources.

Thank you!

All the best

Difficult, as this isn’t Stacks Plugin based.

I suggest checking then and to include a basic HTML5 player.

Cheers, Jannis from inStacks Software

Thank you for your answer.
Without explanations, it’s impossible.

It was so easy to do on I Web !

I Bought this software last week, I worked a lot…

But I understand that I have to give up and find another software

All the best

Your just right. A week is plenty! I learnt brain surgery in a week, rocket science too, and this ain’t neither of those.

I would post more on the subject but I’ve got to lean a new language before teatime, then after that, later tonight, I’m going to learn quantum physics.

Not sure what I’ll do tomorrow. Maybe take the day off.

It isn’t that difficult.

Here is an explanation how to use resource macros:

You are able to use that macro eg. directly inside a video html5 tag:

<video width="320" height="240" controls>
  <source src="%resource(folder-name/video.mp4)%" type="video/mp4">

A video about macros can be found here:

Best regards, Jannis


I don’t find a good answer to my questions so I leave this Realmac community.

I am now trying to recover my payement if it’s possible.
Please tell me (I tried to used it only 2 weeks).
Thank you for all, All the best

Please contact RealMac support, this Forum can not help you with reimbursements or payment issues.

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