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Hi everyone,
I would like to switch my website to “Source”, I am starting to set up the graphics locally.
Source is truly exceptional.
I have a problem on the page where I have “Poster Stack”, in practice I can’t put a divider between one post and another, that is, the posts seem too attached, I would like to divide them with something, a line. In my original site I used a theme that automatically put a divider, similar to RuleStack, but now I have no idea how to divide the posts well.
I saw the example: Source | Poster 2 here you can see that the posts are well defined even without lines or dividers.
In mine this happens:

Help, thanks.

This image below is how I would like the posts to be divided into Source and PosterStack, it is an image of my current site, the divider is generated by the theme in the blog.

Hi there,

do you want to have a box shadow around your blog summaries like the one shown here -


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You could use one of the style overrides and add a border 1px for that.

Thanks for the reply. Yes, I would like to have something to divide the posts. It would be great to have a divider like, in the Rw (Marvel) theme that I used before it was similar. Or even a shadow on the post is fine, the important thing is that the posts are well divided and separated. Thanks.

Thanks, as soon as he got home, I try this solution, although I would prefer to be able to insert a line after “Tag” as a post closure or to have the option to insert a stack at the end of the post.

-(I am eagerly awaiting the release of Poster 2, when will you release the version? It is important to have the page counter and next and back at the top of the page, because at the bottom it is not visible and it is positioned uncomfortable, or it would be wonderful to have a stack where one can position the page counter and feed wherever it wants)-

Sounds like you have Poster set to display in the Radpiweaver Blog layout style.

If that’s the case, try choosing Border Override in settings and then creating a 1px border at the bottom.
Then select Body Margin Override and add 10px of margin at the top of each post.

You’ll then have something like this.

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I think this project file is made available with the Poster download so you should be able to see how that was set up.

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Thank, grazie

Perfect thanks, I managed to insert the shadow.
A small suggestion to insert a line under the post?

(I was thinking if it was possible to use “Houdini” to insert “RuleStack” into a divider at the end of each post.)

As said, use a border. That’s a style.

Never do something like using Houdini to enter a line for this reason. That’s a HTML element.

ok, thanks :+1:

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